It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Marketing nonsense: THE TRUTH

Congratulations to atommickbrane and carsmilesteve, the fake quote was indeed the one about the BMW. The Lacoste fanatic and the man who would sell his kidneys for Vaseline are 4 Real.

Here's another one:

1. I first wore Levis in the 1980s and from that day my wardrobe has always included a pair of Levis. These jeans have become my favorite because they flatter my figure and they have helped me receive many admiring comments. Without Levis my romantic life would be a zero!

2. I am a most faithful customer of Budweiser. It gives me much help in both my personal life and business in the past years. Budweiser brought me encouragement and braveness whenever I was happy or sad. Budweiser also helped me in making new friends when doing business interactions.

3. There is this story about the man who invented La Mer facial lotion. He had an accident and was burned all over the face. Then he did research for many years and finally came up with this lotion which healed his disfigured face.

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