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Final approach

BAD NEWS! Metcheck are predicting armageddon.
GOOD NEWS! My lovely wife has located the last pair of wellies in south London at the Morden Hall garden centre.
BAD NEWS! My preparations are incomplete still as I haven't got a mobile.
GOOD NEWS! When I do get one I'll be able to get about 70% of my friends' numbers just by hanging around the Brothers Bar.
BAD NEWS! I will then squander all my credit texting hilarious comedy messages to the Orange mini pyramid thing.
GOOD NEWS! Look look it's there!! SAVE A HORS E RID A COBOV"

Work quiz last night, a slow and hot start but ultimately a great success. Even the cockfarmers who usually heckle about the questions were subdued by the heat. The music round was everybody's favourite which is always gratifying, even if my "songs about products" theme was forced to plumb the depths of "Theme from MASH". I love quizzes, best of all the animals. Then I went home very hungry and stupidly made a huge plate of FAJITAS, num num until I woke at 5am with screaming indigestion and endured a miserable couple of hours poking about online. So I am very tired. I think I will curl up good and early to bed tonight, maybe after watching a slice of classic Dr Who. And then tomorrow, ho for adventure!
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