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My Resolutions For The July

1. At least 15 new Popular entries
2. More MP3s on NYLPM
3. More random music notes here to be worked into real FT pieces
4. Go for a check-up.
5. Investigate one of those insane young person's diet programs.
6. Sell all worldly goods on eBay (well the rubbish indie CDs anyway), or is Amazong marketplace better?
7. Obtain remaining UNCLE books.
8. Read at least four books (not counting UNCLE), I have got disgracefully lazy about reading lately.
9. STOP BUYING THE BLOODY GUARDIAN. I will make an exception for the Observer cos Sundays need papers and rabbits need hutch lining.

EDIT: Actually that reminds me - what should I read? Have any of you read anything good lately? I don't like fiction much but I love the other stuff, especially if it's interesting or provocative or filled with squirrelly facts.

My colleague is plotting how to smuggle booze into Live8. I have a better plan: be in pub and not at Live8.
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