It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
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Pop Stress

I've seen alexmacpherson mention a couple of times a potential disconnect between the "pro-pop massive" and a)'hipsters' b)urban music. I dunno what he sees as the contours of this split exactly but it's interesting to me.

I think part of 'it' is the huge influence of Popjustice on pro-pop thinking, that hugely entertaining appreciation of both the media circus and process of pop (let's laugh at the latest press pack!) and also the amazing records it produces. But the big unspoken think with PJ is that it's never much cared for 'urban' music beyond the poppier end of RnB - it's not hostile per se but it doesn't pay it much attention. And there's a trickledown of attitudes from that - no, not fair, the people who are inspired by PJ to write and think about pop are likely to share many of its preferences.

But there's also a sense maybe that if you treat urban genres - specially emergent ones like grime, reggaeton, baile funk etc etc - AS pop (i.e. frivolously) there's an element of disrespect, you're treading on some dodgy contextual toes. So what, you might say, and I'd agree except that frothing over crunk always tends to read just a step away from "har har its just shouting".

(My Stylus singles reviews this week were very much along these lines, I'm not sure I enjoy crunk outside of a car or club at all)

As for the hipster thing, OK a lot of the disdain for 'hipsters' is ridiculous, unconfident people fearing confident people, come off it, I have met loads of ILX types, DONT WORRY KIDS, THEYRE NOT ACTUALLY COOL. I am supremely uncool and I get on fine with them. There are no hipsters on ILX. Sorry, on the Internet. (5 yrs ago there used to be much puffery re. "the net used to be for nerds but now ordinary people are using it", hah!! don't believe it, the Internet TURNED THEM ALL INTO NERDS, that's what the Internet is FOR and a good thing too.)

Sorry, yes, hipsters - issues of projection aside there is definitely a case of a confluence of taste happening tho. Maybe just on ILM but it's wider too. If you go and look at the shared files of anyone in the ILX room on slsk or whatever then they pretty much ALL have the same records. Kompakt blah blah Annie blah Ying Yang blah blah Missy blah oh and "Gasolina" in some various-shit directory. And a half ton of Pavement too naturally. Obviously THESE ARE ALL GOOD RECORDS but even if it's not quite a 'hivemind' (ugh)there's definitely a sense of swarm. So some people get itchy about that, often (on the boards) as a way to justify their own less up-to-date preferences.

I bought this mix CD the other week by Radio Clit and it was SO ILM - Lil Jon, Missy, Human League, Gwen Stefani, Kano, Jacques Le Cont, Vitalic u.s.w. At first I thought "SQUEEEEE! This is SO ILM!" and then I played it and thought "Go on then, surprise me" and of course it couldn't.

(I like the phrase "pro-pop massive" btw, it is a nose-thumb to Dissensian hierarchies, also part of the Point Of Pop (which acronymises, of course, to POP) is its power to create the temporary massive, as you will see next Friday at the Lex's club and the Friday after that at mine.)
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