It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Music: Radio 1 I think.

Mood: OK, mostly awfully worried about Liz. Last night I'd sleep for 90 minutes, wake up, check ILX, sigh, back to sleep.

Then below that I've finally started to get angry. The tube this morning was so quiet and pulling into Vauxhall there was a big jolt and everyone looked round worried, and I thought, you total fvckers to do this to all of us.

And then milling around somewhere underneath some kind of civic pride (thanks Ken) and just this total tiredness and really wanting to be in a pub with friends somewhere. Yesterday I just wanted to get home to Isabel as soon as possible so I missed the tiny defiant FAP but today I think I'm really going to need a drink.

And then right at the bottom some tiny chink of black humour endures even if I don't exactly want it too. "That's MIA's career fvcked, then" I thought over my cornflakes.
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