It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Britain's Biggest Brands: THE QUIZ

Every year Marketing magazine publishes its results in the Britains Biggest Brands survey i.e. which brands sell the most. It also publishes results across various shopping categories. This year I decided to use the results to form the basis of a POLL testing yr knowledge of the UK's consumers. Basically I just want you to put, in each section, what you think the top-selling brand in the UK is (doesn't have to be from the UK). Own label brands (eg Tescos Finest etc) don't count, by the way. So for instance, PETCARE is one of two categories not in the poll (because I ran out of space) - the answer here is WHISKAS.

IT'S EASY! Or it would be if Marketing didn't fannydangle about with their categories a bit. I have tried to explain the sekrit marketing jargon in the poll below.

I will not be doing anything so fancy as making it viewable to none or screening answers but I will add up the MARX at some point.

Poll #1053532 BIGGEST BRANDS

AMBIENT BAKERY (this is bread and cakes basically)


BEER AND LAGER (we are talking the "off-trade" here i.e. canned and bottled)

BISCUITS (beware this may be 1xTRICK QN)

CANNED GOODS (meaning food not drinks)

CHILLED CONVENIENCE (this is cold meats, chilled ready meals etc)


DAIRY (all dairy i.e. milk butter cheese yog)



HOUSEHOLD CLEANING (includes laundry and washing up)


SAVOURIES (earth name: crisps)

SOFT DRINKS (includes fizzies and juices - diet and regular brands counted differently btw)


The other category not in the poll is WINE - by all means give yr answer to this one in the comments box as a TIE BREAKER. It is a bit of a mentalist category, though.

You could probably google the answers but I think I'm asking you to waste enough of yr time as it is.

Results tomorrow!
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