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Britain's Biggest Brands: THE RESULTS

Congratulations to lockedintheatti and awesomewells who were joint BRANDMASTERS in yesterday's quiz w/10.5 points out of 16 each.

The rest of those results:

10.5: Awesomewells, Lockedintheatti
8.5: The_Roofdog
7: Cis
6.5: Jeff_Worrell, Atommickbrane
6: Alexmacpherson, Katstevens, Ruudboy
5.5: Piratemoggy
4.5: Ms_Bracken, Fathands
4: Hoshuteki, Carsmilesteve
3: Jauntyalan
2 OUT OF 16: Braisedbywolves

And the actual "answers":

BATHROOM TOILETRIES: The answer here is GILLETTE - nobody got this. L'Oreal second, Colgate third.

DAIRY: A category pwned by YOG - MULLER at #1, Danone at #2. Top spreadable brand is Flora (does this actually have anything to do with dairy animals?), top cheese is Cath City, top milk is Cravendale.

CHILLED CONVENIENCE - dominated by Bird Flutastic BERNARD MATTHEWS with Ginsters at #2 and Quorn at #3. What are Rustlers?

HOUSEHOLD CLEANING - almost everybody put FAIRY and they are right but it's only just overtaken Persil.

FROZEN FOODS - The daddy is BIRDS EYE with McCain and Walls at 2 and 3. Whoever put Dr Oetker, he's in 10th.

AMBIENT BAKERY: The answer here is WARBURTONS - Hovis second though the gap is widening. Cuisine De France in at 7th!

CONFECTIONERY - I gave a point for Cadburys, though strictly speaking its just DAIRY MILK. Galaxy in a distant 2nd. Wrigley 3rd, Mars Bar is now only 10th.

SOFT DRINKS - The right answer here is DIET COKE. Coke is actually 3rd, behind ROBINSONS squash.

BISCUITS - I said this was a trick qn - the answer is KIT-KAT which is a biscuit not a confectionery. I would have given a mark to SNACK A JACKS, the 2nd placed biscuit, but nobody mentioned them. Jaffa Cakes struggling in 8th.

CANNED GOODS - HEINZ obv. 2nd place is Princes and 3rd place is John West.

HOT BEVERAGES - NESCAFE (half point for Nestle). Tetley and PG in 2nd and 3rd.

SAVOURITES - WALKERS as almost everyone knew. Pringles 2nd, Walkers Sensations 3rd.

PACKET CEREAL - I agonised a bit over what to do here and ended up giving a half point to KELLOGGS on its own. The real answer is SPECIAL K though. Weetabix is 2nd. Corn Flakes are now down in 5th, outsold even by their bastard crunchy nut offspring. Tony the Tiger is nowhere.

SPIRITS - The winner here is SMIRNOFF (specifically Smirnoff Red but eh), with the Famous Grouse and Baileys quite a close 2nd and 3rd.

BEER - The winner is STELLA, which sells almost twice as much as Carling at #2.

And finally WINE - the answer here is HARDYS, though Gallo is breathing hard pon its neck.

Tomorrow this endless series of posts continues with the brand canon!
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