It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

World Of Answu (caution contains ARMADILLO content)

IT'S THAT MEME AGAIN. Reply to this stating some kind of intent and I will ask you 5 questions. They will not be as good as these 5 questions tho which were asked me by worldofagwu.

1. what are yr top 3 pictures ( photos, drawings, paintings etc ) you've got up on the wall in yr house/home?

In 3rd place is the only original art I have ever bought (& even then it was in a print series and did not cost much) - it is a close up shot of tiny models of bathers in swimming trunks diving into a watermelon. They look as if they are having a lot of fun. I bought it in Barcelona and it reminds me of sun, sand, paella, etc. It hangs in the hall.

In 2nd place is a poster from the Moomin museum in Tampere which is of Moominmamma stirring a psychedelic brew in a cauldron and summoning all sorts of elemental faerie spirits. It was drawn by Tove J and shows a different side of Moominmamma to that which we generally know. It hangs in the living room.

In sentimental top place is a painting of our former rabbit, Piku, by my wife. It is not her best painting but it captures something of the spirit of the beast, who was a lazy but loving animal that we got off the RSPCA. It hangs in the "rabbit room" watching over our current herd of pets.

2. have you ever worn a top hat? - if so, what were the circs? if not, are you dead against it? how abt a cape?

I have a v large HEAD and so turned against hats of most kinds - used to have a magic set which included a large plastic top hat with no secret compartments or magical assistance of ANY KIND, plus it didn't fit, however I did try to wear it. I would wear one if i) it fit ii) it did not turn me into a cloud or the King of California.

Cape - while at school I had to wear a gown, being a scholarship boy. I liked it so a cape wd be no problem.

3. do you think you'd have any chance of survival in a post-apocalyptic future ruled by apes?

Despite my hairy beard I don't think I would fool them - I lack basic apish skills of dexterity and also have never been able to climb trees. A post-apocalyptic future would in general be a little tough for me though so good luck to our simian brethren in running the joint.

4. sweet or dry sherry? - or something else for aperitif?

I don't like sherry, it's what my parents drink - not that I have any beef with my parents especially but it still feels like an "old folks" tipple. HOWEVER when a shot of sherry is combined with a pint of cider in a Cider Armadillo you have a drink for before, during and after meals, set to delight young and old alike.

5. are you any goob at arm wrestling? details of big wins or losses & any experiences greatfully received.

No! My arms are thin and puny and what's more I have no wrist strength at all, I can barely open jars, so I can be 'turned' very easily in the arm rassle. I realised this at a young age and have stayed away from arm-based feats but am happy to referee a bout or two, most recently for charity at work, the eventual victor being a former member of the Danish olympic rowing squad.
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