It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones


Some people asked me to ask them questions on Friday, but then I got very busy. So here are the questions NOW instead. I won't ask any to Kat, not because I did already, but cos she's on holiday. If you fancy answering anyone ELSE's more exciting questions then please do!

1. What was the scariest thing on TV when you were small?
2. Placards you have known - have you ever wielded a placard? Which was your favourite?
3. Which is your favourite river and why?
4. What do you think pop fandom can learn from erm 'fandom fandom'?
5. Have you ever invented your own boardgame - and if so was it a success if actually played?

1. Have you ever lost something immediately after buying or acquiring it? If so does it haunt you to this day?
2. What is your favourite SPICE and yr favourite thing to do with it?
3. Before you realised the hidden truth about Enid Blyton, did you actually like her books?
4. What animal would you most like to see in the wild (but have not yet)?
5. Have you ever paid to have your fortune told - if not, any stories of getting it told for free most welcome.

1. If you could erase one bit of internet slang from the world's memory forever which would it be?
2. Is there anything Paris Hilton could do which would make you disapprove of her?
3. What is the oldest piece of music you regularly listen to? (I think I may have asked you something very similar last time!)
4. What type of garment does it stress you most to buy?
5. What did you like and dislike about Tim Henman?

1. Which two cities should be merged together to create a mega-city?
2. Which was the first comic shop you went to and what was your impression of it?
3. Who is the first fattest man in Putney (or is this a guesstimate?)
4. Have the lyrics of a song ever changed your opinion on a non-musical topic?
5. How can intelligent humans achieve happiness in a hypermediated and hypersexualised environment which shows every sign of worsening? (An old favourite)

1. From your base in faraway Sweden, which Swedish pop star appears most likely to "do a Robyn" and hit #1 in the UK charts?
2. What is the most expensive meal you have ever eaten? (And was it nice?)
3. What is the nicest thing that's ever happened to you as a result of having a blog?
4. What are the big differences between British and American teen drama shows?
5. Of the gardens you have known, which had the most interesting bottom?
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