It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

A dream is just a wish you wish would come true

I was going to post an entry on DREAMS this morning, lamenting the fact that I hadn't had a memorable dream of any sort for AGES, possibly since the "Mouse and the Eggs" dream which might even have been last year. I was going to ask my LJ friends whether there are any circumstances or even TECHNIQUES they feel brought on particularly memorable dreams.

And I am still asking this! But then last night I had a dream, hurrah. It was a dream about the LOLLARDS OF POP, a top radio show about which there is an announcement in the next paragraph but one.

In the dream we had a TV show, and it was Pete and a lady I did not recognise called Emma on a very glitzy set (not jauntyemma or Mrs Tracer Hand, a curious third Emma) (she ws tall with dark hair and a grumpy demeanor) - ANYWAY the theme of the show was the Greek Alphabet, and Pete had a big buzzer and would penalise any guest who used a greek letter, I guess for some Pi/Pie related subconscious reason. Since there was only one guest this did not make for viewing gold and this was painfully clear in the dream. :(

So it's a good thing Lollards Of Pop is on the radio eh? And speaking of which the very great radio-based Lollards Of Pop will be RETURNING to your radios on Wednesday nights from the 14th November onwards, on Resonance FM. Hour long shows between 7 and 8 will tackle all sorts of topics. For this second season we're going to vary the tried and true formats a little bit so expect thrills and surprises. You can listen in by intermagic on too.

Now talk about dreams please.
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