It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

[POP] Terrific remixes of recent hits needed.

I'm a posting fiend today. Was going to put this on ILM but I expect it's a duplicate thread. Anyway most of the people I trust will see this.

I'm making a CD-R for a colleague who keeps hearing remixes of hits and liking them and not knowing who did them. So I thought I'd put together a CD of some of the really good remixes that have been doing the rounds (we seem to be in a bit of a golden age for the remix, c/o Electrohouse I guess).

Any suggestions? Bootlegs would count too, she really likes the Timberlake/Black Strobe mix that got played at Club FT a few times.

Ideally these wd be mixes of recent pop hits, but slightly less well known stuff is fine too if it's really good (i.e. Rex the Dog Knife remix).

Thanks in advance, LJ posse.
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