It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Born of frustration

FT server down this morning so no uploading the week's MP3s. Dunno what I'd have put up exactly but it would have been something AMAZING.

OK, no, it would have been Carter.

Speaking of which I listened to Unbelievable! last night, bought for DJing purposes in some panicked hour, and for a 2 CD repackaging of my youth theyve done a poor job of it. Except then I realised my youth was a bit odd too, I was thinking tracks were from totally difft. subcultures largely because different groups of ppl AT BOARDING SCHOOL were listening to them, this is not a guide.

So what you have is an intersect between two fucked notions of 'pop history'

- my personal one which involved vicariously living thru the pop press while walking around with a gown on all day.
- some bozo at K-Tel's which involves hoovering up any relatively easy-to-license tracks from this era.

Result: confusion, plus a gloomy feeling that I was cheated out of being a Young Person in the one area (pop)which I ended up caring about.

(Check out tracklisting of Unbelievable here)

Very odd period for music in retrospect, but perhaps I'm biased.

Why on earth does Stylus only allow comments from logged in people, bah.
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