It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

On Shuffle

Still exploring stuff I've missed in 2007, with occasional detours back. This is the kind of post that shd really have MP3s attached I realise: sorry.

Charlotte Heatherley - "Behave": there's the desire to be a good pop songwriter but there's not the reality - like the lumpy rhythm and tumbling-over-itself outro but where's the vocal hook? Much better than I would've expected from an ex-Ash member (also much better than Ash).

Burial - it's just Portishead all over again isn't it? Still like this.

Battles - just not getting this: too many jokes, too much nervous energy, no time for the good ideas to get any momentum going.

Spoon - "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb"/"Black Like Me": here's a surprise! These are great - "black" more than "cherry" because the latter's intro makes me want to hear Razzmatazz. Usually can't stand the strain in these sort of voices but this is endearing somehow. I heard the moody piano single these guys did and thought it was silly, and I'm sure I've heard tracks by them on mixtapes and zoned but, yes, proper indie, tick, I'm liking this.

Omarion - "Ice Box": hurrah it's winter again!

The Tough Alliance - "Silly Crimes": don't like the toybox instrumentation, there's a good song underneath I think. Better than Jens Lekman but having heard him and this and the feeble Bodies Without Organs album, I'm more liable than ever to say "Fuck the Swedes and their overdetermined pop". Yes, they all sound different, what of't?

Sugababes - "My Love Is Pink": actual grower from recent album, still lacks a kick somehow. I'll be intrigued to hear what they pick as singles. Is this record filthy?

Enrique Iglesias - "Ring My Bell": love the frozen ghost wolf noises on the backing track here. He maybe repeats "ring my bell" just a tiny bit too often but really he's an extraordinary performer - I don't know anyone else who makes sex sound so unbelievably miserable (i.e. uncovers an actual true kernel of existential misery within sex, rather than sounding like he doesn't enjoy it. He shd still probably become a monk or something. Or make an album of indie cover versions - he is the only singer alive who should do this btw.)

Air - Mer Du Japon (Kris Menace Remix): Bouncy superior filtery bloghouse built around a pretty hook, I guess from Air, who I've hardly kept up with lately. Should sound less cheap than it does though.

Britney Spears - "Piece Of Me": Imperious. Though COME ON BRITNEY release Get Naked (I Has A Plan) as a single. Very crucial point about this song - at no point does she deny anything, this is NOT a whingeing attack on the paparazzi any more than "God Save The Queen" is a reasoned argument for republicanism.
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