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Wikipedia Band Meme

via miss_newham and swanofkennet

1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

My band name is PURGATORIAL SOCIETY. Awesome! I think I know what kind of music they play and I think you do too.

Well think again. Because the album name is "Chicago White Sox". Hmm. I am going to believe this is a reference to some kind of gangland punishment with a suitably gruesome morgue photo on the front giving hints as to the Zornian thrash-jazz that Purgatorial Society might dish out. Let's see how they do!

1. Kapuka, New Zealand. Moody death sax intro, only about a minute long. Sleeve notes reveal it was the scene of a MURDER. So far so good.
2. Blake Stein. Listless double drum and organ workout. Somewhat rudimentary to these ears.
3. High School Musical: Sing It!. Ironic cover version featuring grindcore gruntvox interpretation of Miley. The critics are wondering if Purgatorial Society have lost direction somewhat.
4. List of Football Clubs In Serbia. Dour instrumental written by the second drummer. Five admirable minutes.
5. 1509 Esclangona. Spiky riffage with yelping. Good to point accusing fingers to.
6. Serpent Mounds Park. Four-minute creepfest - it's rumoured that the backwards chanting effect is from a taped phone conversation with Boyd Rice.
7. Ethmoid Sinus. Toe-tapping sample of an iron lung on this minimal yet effective track.
8. William Browne. Album hitting its stride now as this hauntingly brief three-second electroacoustic snippet attests.
9. Devil's Elbow. Twelve-minute clash of acid folk and power electronics, the album's frankly punishing centrepiece, perhaps made more so by the decision to read the medieval witch trial account which serves as lyric in a high Geordie accent.
10. Kingsmill. Reprise of what is now claimed as the "refrain" of previous track on a flute. Short and not sweet.
11. Adelardo López de Ayala y Herrera. Unpleasant punk flamenco tribute to the Spanish playwright. A lengthy remix by a mate of Yamatsuka Eye's brother is being touted to discerning blogs.
12. Michael Moynihan (Cork Politician). Ill-advised excursion to the Celtic fringe fails to play to band's strengths. "Riverdance? Yeah, the River Styx!" snarls percussionist in interview. Pedantic title bracket belies uncertainty, however.
13. Hainanese (linguistics). Seven minutes of a detuned gong will certainly keep the faithful happy.
14. Redavalle. Cybergoth gregorian whose controversial use of a chorus has divided posters on
15. Botanical History. A gentle comedown drone with the band proving their ecological credentials by reading out an extremely long list of extinct plant species.

I think we can kindly describe this as a flawed experiment. Let's hope Purgatorial Society return to more straightforward brutality on their next release eh readers!
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