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The earth is hungry

"Un"believably I find myself in yet another office orgafun situation attempting to put together a 'music round' for tonight's Head Office Awayday Quiz. I think I've made it too difficult but oh well. If Head Office can't recognise the intro to "Overload" then I don't want to work for them anyway.

My not drinking at home rule has been shattered by the discovery of a supply of Double Chocolate Stout round the corner from my house. I wuv DCS, it is a total novelty drink but my god, so delicious. Not to mention nourishing. I had a bottle last night while watching ace old Doctor Who story Frontios. Chunky monsters, colonists under siege, brutal overacting from Turlough, Tegan being repeatedly quite useful, Davison in his prime, supporting characters who trust the Doctor or not completely at the whim of the plot...THIS ONE HAS IT ALL. It also has baddies who want to drive a planet around - WHY is this the master plan of so many DW monsters? Get one spaceship!

(OK driving a planet around would be quite fun most likely)
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