It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones


1. I have just shelled out on eBay for a USB Turntable! Paypal not being real money and all. I bet I will need to download software off the interweb which I don't have in order to get it to work, plus I'm not 100% sure where most of my records even ARE but anyway - a turntable! B-Sides "ahoy"!

2. Amazon finally sent me the books I spent my Xmas money on (minus "This Is Your Brain In Music" which is in some kind of limbo) viz:

Reading Comics by signifier - Isabel picked this up and said that the prose style was excellent, so there you go. I am looking forward to it: unfortunately Lytton weed on the dust jacket.

Let's Talk About Love by Carl Wilson - I always forget how tiny the 33 1/3 books look! The book that is causing controversy with its attempts to define the poptimist 'project'. DON'T TREAD ON ME! Might well be very good.

Unspeak by Stephen Poole - I liked Poole's book about videogames very much indeed and this looked interesting, disappointingly 'unspeak' is a dramatic name for 'euphemism', I will see where his analysis leads me.

Six Degrees by Duncan Watts - will hopefully be of some use in writing the paper which I should probably be working on right now :( Looks quite good, though the chapters on networks in Philip Ball's Critical Mass were some of the bits I enjoyed least.

Strontium Dog Vol.2 by Alan Grant, John Wagner and Carlos M0therfuckin' Exquerra - contains the two big Kreelman epics, entertaining romp "The Killing", the less entertaining mystical angstfest with Malak Brood (grebt villain name though) and much other ghey fun with Johnny and Wulf. "By then, the planet has moved on and there is only - VACUUM!" A good purchase, old cucumber.
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