It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Nothing Legal Refused

When I was working at the book and comic shop the above was our buying policy. As you can imagine this led to us acquiring an awful lot of mediocre stock and a certain quantity of absolute shite that nobody in a million years would want. We would sell the bad but saleable stuff on at 20p a book or 10p a copic, so our margins on these were actually pretty high given that we tended to pay a penny each.

What about the rest? I can't remember what we did about the books, which were out of sight out of mind in a horrible basement, but the sub-Prime comics we would sell in special bags - 10 comics for 50p! Bargain! Of course you didn't know EXACTLY what you were going to get, but you could see the comics at the front and back, and these would tend to be respectable stuff like SUPERMAN or X-MEN. So of course the rest probably weren't that bad, right?

This excellent business practice has greatly helped me understand the current economic situation.
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