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My weekend: a tale of ACHIEVEMENT

1/ Did awesomely huge amount of washing up.
2/ Fixed EU volume nannyism on my iPod, rediscovered quite-good-ness of iPod
3/ Met neighbour & saved rabbits from being et. (see post below)
4/ Got Freakytrigger site back up.
5/ Did Stylus Singles Jukebox - full coverage to follow on poptimists
6/ Bought NEW TROUSERS! I chickened out of getting cords despite being pro-corduroy after encountering boyofbadgers' splendid JACKET. But the ones I did get are very comfortable.
7/ Bought new shirts! (one red for fun, one dark blue for anti-fun)
8/ Bought booXoR for holiday reading, including the Temple Grandin one on animal behaviour and autism which I've been wanting ever since I read a review of it in the Graun. It promises to explain the mysteries of the animal mind!!
9/ Bought The Day Of The Triffids on DVD. Might prove a mistake, I did not watch it when small as it was well-known to be too scary.
10/ Walked down Wandle Walk to Deen City Farm. Deen City Farm turns out to be brilliant though I must be persuaded away from the "Re-home these rabbits" sign lest my heart break. They have alpacas (aka mini llamas), goats and goatlings, many geese, a pair of cows, all squirrelled away in some undreamed-of corner of Colliers Wood. We will be visiting this all the time!
11/ Bought some sossage at a farmers' market, devoured it.
12/ Watched The Horns Of Nimon, much-despised Dr Who story which is in fact marvellous. "You FOOOOOOL" etc.
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