It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones


If this was a normal year it would be ALMOST MARCH so here's my favourite tracks of 2008 so far.

1. T2 - Gonna Be Mine*
2. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor**
3. Goldfrapp - A&E***
4. Vampire Weekend - Campus****
5. Red Hot Entertainment - Junior Spesh*****
6. H Two O - What's It Gonna Be?******
7. Cave - Hunt Like Devil #2*******
8. Fleet Foxes - English House********
9. Dolly Parton - Drives Me Crazy*********
10. Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow**********

Big knowledge gaps in hip-hop and techno - help me out Lex!

*does anyone have a full length MP3 of this for Poptimism?
**this snuck up on me a bit - not liked their other stuff but it's become my most listened to song this year and I even like the vocals now
***rest of the album seems pretty dreadful, big up Mr Swygart for getting me to listen to this again.
****best of the fresh-for-2008 VW songs
*****2008 YEAR OF THE NOVELTY RECORD! Tho actually it's here on merit.
******would be higher if I hadn't played it so much last year.
*******Spot The Pitchfork #1: this is a 9 minute ROCK JAM with keyboards giving some pop presence - builds up awesome momentum slightly spoiled by OK guitar freakout bit.
********Voted most average song of the year on the Podcast Panel!
*********For today anyway! I dl/ed the Dolly album which sounds grebt.
**********Spot The Pitchfork #2: this reminds me of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, no great recommendation you might say.
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