It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Culture Yoghurt Roundup

- Life without an oven, day 4: last night I had the microwaveable "Prawn Jumble Jambalaya" from Waitrose, it was OK, very dry though.

- I'm not going to kick off the Poptimists discussion on Madonna until the album's actually released, but it's OK: on first hearing I like the tracks where she's singing about being 1x TOUGH OLD BIRD best. I like the ones where she's down with the kids least, oh and the one where she bafflingly rewrites "Into The Groove" to be more boring and pedantic (tho the actual groove in it is fine).

- Listening to Santogold's album now: it is 100% phoney and really REALLY enjoyable in places. OMG surf guitars - this is the record Tangled Up should have been maybe? Obviously she very very much wants to be MIA but who cares (except MIA as this will sell more than her). (EDIT: OK the second half of the album has some really annoying stuff on it which dampens my goodwill some.)

- Almost finished Lee Smolin's The Trouble With Physics: I am in no position to judge any of the physics on display though he makes it all sound quite exciting but as a study in community norms, groupthink, etc it's very interesting and pertinent. The chapter I've just finished talks about Feyerabend and is basically a philosophical justification of trolling. Also relevant to scenius v genius, as I understand that idea.

What will I do today? I feel very sleepy and I don't have much work on.
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