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A Tale of Two Brothers: Reaching out from Beyond

Author Channels Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence in a Candid and Controversial view of their lives and deaths

In her new book, "A Tale of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence"
( Jacqueline Murray shares very detailed accounts of the lives and deaths of two of the most charismatic front men in music history. At 732 pages, it's hard to imagine anyone's imagination or eye for detail could be so strong as to author such a book without genuine spirit communication.

In Volume One, "Renaissance Man (The Memoirs of Jim Morrison),"revelations are made about how Jim Morrison of the Door's really died on in the summer of 1971, how he struggled to stay alive and why he was later placed in a bathtub. Learn of the dark secret that caused Jim Morrison to downward spiral into hardcore alcoholism and tore this genius apart from the inside out. Learn what some of the true inspiration was for Morrison's songs and how he views the Door's legacy from the other side.

In Volume Two "Chilled Divine ((The True Essence of Michael Hutchence)," Michael Hutchence (lead singer of INXS) seems to want to end the controversy over his tragic death. Michael also reveals his disdain for reality show "Rock Star" and how INXS sought a replacement for him. Michael's legacy of pain in his final days, his missing millions and his tortured relationship with Paula Yates are revealed in this chilling volume.

Several well known and credible psychics have contributed to this book or have helped the author validate much contained within it. These psychics have no monetary claim on the book but are willing to put their names and reputations on the line because they have each channeled Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence for the author over a few years and believe this work to be authentic. These psychics include:

Famous L.A. psychic known for her amazing accuracy, Judy Hevenly:

Internationally known Psychic, Spiritual healer and Medium Christopher Reburn of Florida: (

L.A. psychic and medium known for her incredible spiritual channeling, Linda Salvin (

Third generation New England Psychic and Medium, Linda Merkel:

Acclaimed Missing person's psychic of Oregon, Laura Moore:

Internationally known Dallas Psychic and Best Selling Author Kathleen Tucci:

Famous Radio Psychic and Gettysburg Paranormal investigator, Francine Milano: (

Powerful Psychic and spiritual teacher from Pennsylvania, Rev. Marjorie Augustine (

Any or all of these psychics may be contacted in connection to genuine media requests for this book as they are proud, honored and humbled to represent it.
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