It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

En Vacances

Today is the day before the day I go on HOLIDAY. I am going to The France, to my parents' new place which they bought after Dad retired. So it'll also be my first family holiday for years: fine by me, Isabel is a bit worried that the week is going to degenerate into squabbles with my Mum over my wicked and unhealthy life. Hopefully I can spike those particular guns early on by brandishing some vitamins and talking about how much I like WALKING. If I talk about it enough and brandish my walking boots they might not notice that I'm not doing any walking, I am in fact sitting in their armchair scoffing camembert.

What I intend to do in France:

- read some books
- eat (like) a horse
- doss about
- go through the stuff from my parents' house which has been in storage for aeons and mark some for retrieval

Doesn't sound that exciting on paper but it's a HOLIDAY. Dammit.

I will be back on the 11th and assuming we haven't contracted Foreign Plague I will try and see some of you at alexmacpherson's club night on the 12th.

Went and saw The Fantastic Four at the weekend, I thought it was pretty good. Comics lovers can 'check the meaning' at the Wedge. Afterwards we had a few beers and rolled along to a FAP (small but well formed) and then I couldn't sleep again and Sunday was dreary and they put bloody Kinga in the Big Brother house and it drizzled and frankly Britain can get stuffed for a couple of weeks. BRING ON THE BRIE.
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