It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

This is a list of all LES ANIMEAUX I saw in France

- Frogs
- Lizards
- Limousin cattle
- Divers other cattle
- les moutons
- les chats
- ENORMOUS dalmatian 'puppy'
- barely less enormous St Bernards crossbreed
- les canards
- MONKEYS especially barbary apes, chimpanzees, Gorillaz, the barbary apes were best, they are just like little people etc etc. Gorillaz were rub, as in real life.
- Porcupines, and we saw one put its bristles up
- Millions of parrots
- Wol
- Marabou storks, they are frightening, you'll have someone's eye out with that beak
- Flamingos (I am writing about "Pretty Flamingo" for Popular, I have issues with this song)
- Zebras, always good to see the noble zebra
- Giraffes, ditto
- Rhinos, as grumpy looking as ever
- MeercatXoR, they had no predators so did not have to do the standy uppy thing, instead they basked.
- Very cute antelope thing
- Giant tortoises, OMG. They only live on one tiny island in the entire world but the entire biomass of said island is basically tortoise, 150,000 of the things, "so we cannot truly call them endangered". They are huge and live too long for man to reckon, cf. Doctor Dolittle And The Secret Lake.
- Smaller tortoises, surprisingly active.
- Turtles
- Exotic fish
- MANATEES inc Manatee twins. At first you think "these creatures really are freakishly vast" because they have a small head and tiny flippers and the rest of them is just BULK but then they turn out to be very graceful. Very relaxing to watch too.
- White tiger
- WHITE TIGER KITANS, 4 of them. We saw them playing with their mother and her licking them and picking them up in her teeth!
- Snakes
- Goats
- un cochon
- a donkey
- Lemurs, one had a fight with a duck and some koi carp over les frites which a tourist was throwing.
- KOALAS, they do nothing but sleep, it's like being on badgerwatch, every twitch gets you very excited. We watched them sleep for 25 minutes before one crawled up a branch, scratched and yawned a lot. Ambient wildlife!
- Kangaroos, they were rubbish, no boxing at all.
- Wallabies
- Elephants, 5 of them, they had a huge amount of space which was a good thing, and seemed very happy.
- Bison
- Every different kind of deer ever, deer are quite boring n'est-ce pas?
- A mara, this is disappointingly not a huge rubber snake but a bored-looking deer-rabbit thing.
- Llamas
- Wolves and maned wolves, the maned wolf looks very tuff on the ground but has funny spindly legs, not so funny if you are its prey I suppose.
- Wild boar (wild boar!)

So good value animal-wise.

Check the publog for details on FRENCH FOOD later on today. Speaking of which, see some of you tonight I hope.
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