It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

2 in a Tent 4eva

The first Friday Poptimism was good - much the same as the Thursday Poptimisms except without the anxiety over getting home. (My apologies to people who did then have getting home anxiety.) Much crazy dancing, much LiveJournal attendance, much drinking of pink wine, and they've replaced the decks, thank christ, so now ANYTHING plays. The earlier than anticipated shutdown was disappointing at the time though perhaps for the best given the state of some. "Police Officer" is sadly deferred until another night.

I'm in two minds about the next one (September 16th). We want to do a Club Popular #1s night soon, dunno whether to have it next month or in October. Hmmmmm. Meanwhile watch NYLPM for the "Life On Mars" Eurodisco version. I am not going to mention Blossom Hill in the publicity any more, it's as much a debit as a credit.

Saturday was a wedding, not the one with the ceilidh but it still lasted a really long time, we left at ten to ten and the dancing hadn't even started. People who don't pay enough attention to the dancing at their wedding mystify me, it's the payoff! Perhaps they don't like music or something. Otherwise it was a nice wedding, I don't really know the couple and got my usual formality panic but I got through it.

On Sunday morning I did my Stylus entries, doing them in the morning with my rabbits nipping at my ankles and with the sun streaming through our kitchen windows I was in a mellower mood than usual. In fact I gave only one 0. And that was to Wasis, who must always get a 0 regardless of what they record. Then I went to the pub with dubdobdee and cis, talked about Dune and comics and fashion, decided that the era of paid music journalism was pretty much dead, and rolled on home.

The ILC Characters Poll hav started!
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