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Stranded in the Do You See comments box

This exchange between me and Mark S (I don't know how to make it do the magic thing whereby dubdobdee comes up as a link).

Here's the original post:

And here's the bit I want to save from the haloscan wolves (and give to the just-as-lupine LJ wolves probly)

dubdobdee sez:
does the "badness" factor manifest in "great kid lit" though? and if so how? what useful purpose does the learnt ability to "see through" the SFX of supermarionation serve? (initiation into middlebrow critical consensus?) and what is the equiv w.the moomin books say (or should i pitch my lit example less high?)

and I say:
Actually w/great kid lit I wonder if the "badness" is simply archaism - the language and dialogue in Phoenix and the Carpet, which I re-read the other day, are much harder for me to understand now than aged 5 or 6 when I would have just contextualised and moved on.

Same with Narnia, oh I say how beastly etc.

Which makes sense as an equiv. because the 'badness' in Dr Who is mostly textural like this. My example of misreading the tone too is quite unusual, and I think maybe I mis-REMEMBERED it instead, i.e. part of what frightened me was the shift from relative jollity to something very frightening.

Re. the Moomins - the archaism works differently I think ("meerschaum").

This may all be gibberish to you but I might scavenge it for something later.
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