It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

My list of YAY

As requested by catsgomiaow

- Friday (even though I'm not pubbing)
- Got actual good night's sleep last night, admittedly by SURRENDERING to Lytton's demands to go in our bed. But it's the first time in a week or two he's gone to sleep w/the light off.
- L. drew a picture of me and pointed gleefully to the beard.
- Asked to do sleeve notes for the first time in my "journalistic career"! (I am not saying what for, however it is fairly guessable)
- Real Actual recession means BBC News can stop using its "THE DOWNTURN" section at last.
- Pret A Manger beef and stilton sammiches
- House is actually tidy so I can put my feet up this weekend and enjoy myself.
- Online tax return! Ordinarily not a yay but I have been reassured by Spotify. TAX DOESN'T HAVE TO BE TAXING Y'ALL.
- Invited lots of awesome new writers to Freaky Trigger. (If I haven't invited YOU yet it's cos I didn't have yr email address - I will do so)
- Erm that's it.
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