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Total Ruin Solutions

Literally staggering ruin this morning. I am in TEH DOGHOUSE for my wandering around London at nite 'antics', compounded by falling asleep on the night bus and waking up in Morden with the sun arising. I think also a public apology to Steve M is appropriate - he was patiently trying to shepherd me to the right bus stop and make sure I got home and my response was to wait until his back was turned then RUN AWAY in search of an imaginary hiccup cure.

However if ever there was a game of football worth this deep pit of pain and humiliation, last night's was it.

I believe I promised to shave my beard off if Liverpool won (some rationale involving Gattuso was involved). This will indeed happen and happen soon, since it's haircut day on Saturday. I am thinking of going back to my notorious Glasto '02 Hardman look.

I hope other people fulfil their "if Liverpool win" pledges too, naturally.
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