It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Lyrical Meme

Via everyone.

MP3 player. Shuffle. First lines. Guess 'em. Titles and group names replaced where they would give things away with AD&D 2nd Edition Manuals. Untranscribable lyrics ignored.

I only have 125 songs on my MP3 player so perhaps this will be easy!

1. The winter's gone, the invisible come, your memories are being run. - Broadcast - "Echo's Answer" (ht chezghost)
2. Water was running, people were running, you were running out of time - Siouxsie - "Cities In Dust" (ht piratemoggy)

3. Remember the day you up and left? I nearly cried myself to death. <-- Think disco.

4. Off with your head! Dance till youre dead! - YYYs - "Heads Will Roll" (ht awesomewells)

5. Comin' from the east side, goin' to the west side, flowin' to the north and the south, you know what we're about - golden age hip-hop, no reason anyone wd know it

6. I'm only MONSTER MANUAL away from love, I'm only MONSTER MANUAL away from your arms. - rave hit

7. UNEARTHED ARCANA! UNEARTHED ARCANA! One day I could punch up this one youth for tryin to make a fool of me... - recent chart hit

8. The leaves are fallin' all around - time I was on my way. Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay. - Led Zep, "Ramble On" (ht piratemoggy)

9. A race of angels bound with one another, a dish of dollars made out for all to see. - Carsmile shd get this

10. Hast Du etwas Zeit fur Mich, dann singe Ich ein Lied fur Dich - Nena, "99 Luftballons" (ht the_roofdog)

11. Music, maestro, please! T99, "Anasthasia" (ht lj user="stevem78">)
12. PLAYER'S HANDBOOK, I couldn't even get an answer. I tried to call - but my pride wouldn't let me dial. Keyshia Cole, "Last Night" (ht katstevens and lots of others)
13. Just talk about's been a long time, I shouldn't of left you without a strong rhyme to step to. Eric B And Rakim, "I Know You Got Soul" (ht awesomewells)
14. One of the problems of our society is that we can't live together unless we're married. Banbarra, "Shack Up" (ht mostlyconnect)
15. Got to get up, got to feel good! Got to get up! Got to get up! Bizarre Inc, "Playing With Knives" (ht katstevens)

16. You always find the way to hurt my pride, if I'm not crying you're not satisfied. - country

17. I shed my skin as the party was about to begin. - new wave

18. FIEND FOLIO, things are gonna get easier. FIEND FOLIO, they're gonna be brighter. - classic soul

19. Took a tube to Camden Town, walked down Parkway and settled down. - British pop

20. Now DEITIES AND DEMIGODS it out in a roughneck style whethere you come from east west north or sout', we run tings without a doubt. - pop reggae
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