It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Bob The Builder's Machines In Order Of Quality

1. Muck
2. Roley
3. Dizzy
4. Scoop
5. Lofty

I know Lofty is in there to represent the unconfident kid massive but really he's pretty annoying. Scoop is the suck-up milk monitor type but is otherwise bland. Dizzy is problematic in that she represents ALL GIRLS in the Bob universe - the clue is in the name as to why this is MOAR problematic than just representativeness. But she's likeable. Roley is the Snufkin of the Bobverse - a bit more independent and down with nature and animals (however this leads to the HIGHLY DODGY "Roads And Bridges" video in which all the squirrels and rabbits tell Roley how much they love having fuck-off big roads built through their habitat). Muck is enthusiastic and mischievous and is also Lytton's favourite so I can't argue with that.

All the bogus machines introduced later to flog more toys, you only get half a bar.
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