It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

The 00s

Maybe it's the Pitchfork list, maybe it's withdrawal cos katstevens is away and can't post new polls, but I got DECADE FEVER.

I also got a dilemma. When I did my top singles of the 90s list, one of the things I thought was "I will really enjoy doing a 00s one in 10 years." But I didn't anticipate being in the middle of a huge other project which can ill afford any derailments, not to mention having lots of stuff on at work. And, you know, a family and stuff. I still want to do one, but - why?

Does anyone care? Would anyone read it? These are faintly dangerous questions for any blogger to ask I guess. It's not like I'd be picking anything terribly obscure...

I'd feel bad if I DIDN'T do one, but how much of that is just nostalgia or a mentalist desire for symmetry?
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