It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Tonight I Wanna Dance With Someone Else

Three things by me!

First off, I have got halfway through Popular - by which I mean, the # of songs I have written about exceeds the number I have left to write about (remember the Pistols counted). The totals may level up again on Sunday but so what :) The halfway entry is, by really awesome coincidence, the first appearance of Madonna:

Second, I wrote about Pitchfork's 3rd best album of the 00s here: - it was #1 on my ballot, and is of course "Discovery" by Daft Punk.

Third, I've borrowed Laura Barton's Guardian column for a week, to talk about the Pet Shop Boys. - a more personal piece than I usually write: see what you think.

And I hope to see as many of you as possible at CLUB POPULAR tonight too!
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