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Boring Entry


Big Brother on Friday - I was hugely enthused by the awfulness of all of them and then didn't tune in again all weekend and have avoided the ILX thread. No, I lie, I watched a bit of the Sunday show and caught one of them complaining that it was all FITES this year. Which I kind of agree with - yes it was nice to see Kemal tear a strip off Science (and I LIKE Science) but the hostility factor turning up to 10 so quickly is pretty wearying.

GURLS ALOUD on Saturday - there's a very good review of this Alang found and linked to on NYLPM, however I have more to say and will say it (also on NYLPM) later. It was Marvellous. I bought a GA scarf! I will wave it at Glastonbury.

Sunday was a bit of a nothing day, I made a tiny handful of the CD-Rs I'd wanted to, including a Beach Boys one for my mother-in-law. Bit of a rush job but it meant I rediscovered the deep-pooled beauty of early BBs ballady ones, viz "The Lonely Sea" and "Your Summer Dream", more like that needed. Read a few new comics too.

And then Monday was busy day as it was mother-in-law's 70th birthday and we were catering. Learnings: I am rubbish at chopping. Good party (for a 70th), went home, played on the PS2, made Asparagus a la Anna and spicy potatoes, finally watched lovely Dr Who, hurrah, num num, time for bed.
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