It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

The 'Let's plaster the tube with hugely irritating adverts' era is not over.

Late for work again today due to RABBIT CRISIS! Well, rabbit ill-health: Mymble has gone off her food again (except for strawberry leaves) and is being lethargic. Last time we waited for two or three days getting increasingly worried and took her to the vet: she told us that Mymble was the picture of health and probably not eating because, having eaten something bad, she used rabbit logic and decided to never eat again. We guessed it was a slug. Anyway after an injection of bunny speed she gradually moved from starved to fussy to ravenous. So I'm not actually worried, more resigned to this being a regular thing: I have a moody pet. She seems sprightlier this time and is at least eating something so I'm hoping we caught it in time for recovery to be a bit less drawn-out (and involve less scratches when we try and syringe-feed her).

I am about to send a PRESS RELEASE which will get us national news coverage if my PR instincts are right - BBC Online here I come, it's just like the old days. If you see a rub story about queues in any news source today or tomorrow then let me know!
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