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The heavens have opened above Hyde Park so suddenly staying at work and contributing to a meme (as requested by alexmacpherson) seems hugely preferable to getting soaked on the way home.

My favourite 6 songs right now (some of this territory covered on NYLPM)

1. LUV - "Shoes Off (Boots On)": in some book or other I read an article about Luv which said, wow, they're even better than ABBA. They're not, but they may well be even madder than ABBA which is reward enough. This is a song about going out dancing in boots. In order to do this Luv have to take their shoes off first. They also have to play some pipes and have sex, apparently. Very 70s, very Swedish, very very great.

2. COWBOY TROY - "I Played Chicken With The Train": much opinion on this beanpole black country-rap artist seems to run, well he's a Good Thing but he can't actually rap. I think he's a Great Thing and that the other bit doesn't matter: sure you can hear him running out of breath at the end of his second verse but since when was enthusiasm a bad thing? Half of him wants to be jovial and half of him wants to be terrifying - good combination.

3. TOK ft DEJA VU - "Deja Vu": This is going to be major this Summer I hope - nasty Shaggy and TOK on their best behaviour as they go for a monster pop crossover hit with the help of a big bag of hooks and a "Louie Louie" sample. The early 90s live!

4. THE HUMAN LEAGUE - "The Lebanon": Much-maligned political hit from the golden era League's dying days but let's not forget that this incarnation could not write a bad pop single if/when they tried, and from the bass intro in this is great stuff. Special mention to the shimmery middle eight and to the hugely cynical Duran Duran guitars. (P.S. the "keep the peace" verse is actually pretty good.)

5. THE SLITS - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine": "I bet, I bet, I bet, I bet..." is the warm up to a high jump that lasts four minutes. The best post-punk record ever probably.

6. FANNYPACK - "718": Can I be indie for a second? Can I? It's the hip-hop Kenickie! OK, not really, they're loads better. Country-skank, very easy words, love to hear how it's going to go down at midnight in a field somewhere on a shitty tape deck.

I think I'm meant to nominate other people to do this, but I don't know enough other people, um, cis and dubdobdee and has Starry done it yet? Do it yourself if you like, reading people talk about good songs is fun.
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