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Thank Crunchie

As stated on ILM the big news which I heard by VoiceText from carsmilesteve is that Poptimism is being moved to FRIDAYS.

This is incredibly exciting. It means that the grievous Blossom Hill hangovers will no longer blight work days, it means that tempting people to stay past 11 will get a lot easier, it means that the Polar Bear think we're going a slap-up job, it means that we might get a few randoms for once, it means that we'll be doing a club on a FRIDAY EFFING NIGHT for the first time ever and have therefore Arrived. It also might mean unfortunate clashes with other Friday night fun arrangements but we will stare them out.

I've now just remembered that we've not got any free gifts yet for this week's Poptimism (which is still on Thursday).

I downloaded a bunch more songs yesterday, including a strange indie flashback urge which led me to grab "I Hang Suspended" by the Boo Radleys, one of those songs in whose lyrics I may have Found Meaning. Luckily the guitar work on it is still quite pretty.

Things I have to write about for work before I am free to go to the pub:

- Sadie Plant's theory of mutant thumbs
- Who in Europe queues the most
- The marketing of Live8
- Why Lush make their soaps look like fudges

Time for some mackerel.
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