It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Twelve Months, Twelve Questions

It's a music meme* so I thought I'd answer it.

1. What's your first musical memory of 2005?

Watching a best of the 80s video at jauntyalan's place with the sound down and a Princess Superstar bootleg thing playing.

2. What was this year's summer jam? And winter jam?

The summer never really got going popwise, so the Jacques Lu Cont "Lose Control" remix edges it just for quantity of in-car play. The cold started to bite to the sound of "Nothing Good About This Goodbye" by Rachel Stevens

3. If your life in 2005 was a musician, which musician would it be?

How I regret asking myself this stupid question. Battered, coasting along, not as celebrated as once was, hopeful that a comeback is round the corner, I'll say Mark Owen.

4. Tell me a lyric from this year that meant something to you.

EMO DEATHTRAP! My main moment of lyrical epiphany was about A1's Same Old Brand New You but that's not from 2005. Kylie Minogue's "Made of Glass" starts with her breathing "It wasn't always like this", which seemed enticingly cryptic, but then the whole song does.

5. What was the most awful thing you saw on a stage this year? And the best thing?

I'm sure I saw many awful things at Glastonbury but drink has blotted them out - Martha Wainwright perhaps? The equal best thing was either Seeed running a Dancehall Queen competition at Glasto or David Thomas ranting about Ghoulardi at the EMP conference in Seattle.

6. Name the oldest music you got into in 2005.

A 1912 recording of "There's A Long Way To Tipperary" - feel those music hall vowels!

7. What was your favourite instrumental of the year?

One of Vitalic's clockwork-and-candyfloss bangers, but I forget the titles.

8. Your favourite conversation about music this year: who was it with, and what was it about?

I remember some amusing chat at the Simon Reynolds book launch with atommickbrane and thenipper and the Pinefox, I was drunk and sleep deprived and it was one of the few times that ideas like 'rockism' and imagined vs real pop communities have made fullest sense. Of course I can't remember any of it now.

9. Name one thing you surprised yourself by liking in 2005.

"Dare" and "Dirty Harry" by Gorillaz! They'd always been good on paper, and now...

10. Your music wish for 2006 is...?

The return of yodelling to pop, via reality TV ideally.

11. Describe the music of 2005 in one word!


12. What will be the last music you hear this year?

My New Year plans are up in the air - probably something vaguely loungy and wintry.

I TAG: maura, chezghost, atommickbrane, alexmacpherson and pot80 - apologies if any of you are too grown-up for ME!ME!s :)

*OK OK i made it up too
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