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It's that time again

Pre-Poptimism nerves re. how many people will turn up, will it all go fine, blah blah blah, CALM DOWN TOM. I got infuriated last night over the notion of people who won't pay to enter clubs on some kind of crazy principle, I feel I may have been unreasonable, it's their lives after all. It was mostly an inner rage though so I don't think I was unreasonable to anyone.

I did the Poptimism free CD this morning though - 12 tracks, 45 minutes, all shockingly illegal of course but a nice little giveaway. I think this is a great idea, if I do say so myself - a club giving away CDs to its regulars so they get to know a few more songs which might get played, leading to more people on the dancefloor leading to more latitude in terms of what else we play. The gene pool of Club FT songs had got a little stagnant and Poptimism already seems to have a more floor-friendly atmosphere, probably down to the £5 bottles of Blossom Hill.
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