It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Double Meme and the Rebel MC

Two memes from steviespitfire!

What are you listening to right now:

The Magnetic Fields - "100,000 Fireflies". I downloaded it to see if I still liked it; I do, I think. It reminds me of a strange, difficult time but it reminds me of that by being a good song about That Sort Of Thing. I don't know if I enjoy Susan Amway's voice any more.

Turn to your left, look; what do you see:

The south end of Park Lane, and the back of Buckingham Palace gardens through a window.

What is your favourite sandwich filling:

A really good BLT with mayo. Hard to find these days.

What was the last film you saw; did you like it:

Chronicles of Narnia. I thought its faults were the book's faults, mostly, but also I thought that it made Narnia too big - it's always been the cosiest of the fantasy worlds (in a good way, I deny its 'cosiness' in the Pullman sense). It should have been filmed in Mole Valley and Dorset, not New Zealand.

Tell me one song-or-album/book/film to check out:

If you've not heard it Stevie I think you'd like Byrne and Eno's My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. It could do with a decent remaster tho, the CD is a bit quiet and impactless.

Tell me one thing that means the world to you:

I'll take "thing" as "object" and say my stuffed panda, which I got when I was one.

Where would you like to be right now:

Curled up on a sofa at home with a laptop, writing and listening to music and having a rabbit jump onto my lap every so often.

Cats or dogs or kill them both:


What's the best compliment you've ever had (Post without context):

I like getting compliments but I don't usually agree with them and I forget them too quickly. "This is the best roast chicken I have ever had" was a nice one though, specially as I agreed.

Seven Songs (many great Dutch records left out for security reasons, ahem) - I think I may have named a couple of these last time round.

TAFFY - "I Love My Radio": finally got a non-mixed copy of this peerless bit of 80s Europop. "Now my life is in the dock / Deep inside I'm sighing / On my bed I hear a song / Playing on the radio" - one of the best songs about the healing powers of pop.

SHOCKING BLUE - "Inkpot": weird 70s hippie pop from the band who brought you "Venus", kind of raga/boogie hybrid like Norman Greenbaum, "Put some love in your heart like you put the ink in the inkpot". Inkpots were very fiddly (and so is love DYS!!).

AMANDA LEAR - "Follow Me": Does she really sing "Faust was wrong - I've no regrets"? - nerveless and beautiful motorik disco, anyone who likes Propaganda needs this record BADLY.

CHER - "Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves": I only just got the switch from "I" to "She" between the first and final verse, which Cher sings with amazing venom and pride. Incredible performance, and I bet it would go down well at Poptimism too.

LED ZEPPELIN - "When The Levee Breaks": Further adventures in Rock - I dl'ed this about six months ago and didn't get it, now I do - it's "How Soon Is Now?" -duh!! But with better drums.

4 HERO - "No Sleep Raver (G & D Mix): I do think this is effective - the point isn't to be creepy, and I wrote it up on Poptimists badly, it's to relocate the blank grind of the Specials' typical night out in a rave context.

SYLVESTER - "(You Make Me Feel) Mighty Real": A perennial which came on shuffle the other day and turned a dull walk home magical. Should need no recommendation.
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