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My Rock Action

As some of you might be aware I bought a Led Zeppelin record yesterday.

When sober, to boot.

I chose "Led Zeppelin 3", I seemed to recall reading that it had more faerie goblin mandolin action and less lemon-squeezing rock-outs, so I thought it might be a good way to ease myself into the world of 'the Zep'.

Anyway I listened to it today and it's pretty good! "Immigrant Song" and "Friends" are obviously the best tracks, they are also the most pop: the former has a big sort of trance rhythm goin on and the second has a fab string arrangement. All the rest are sort of bluesy hoedown things, the longer they go on the worse they are, but once you've got used to the guy singing then there's some quite pretty stuff happening underneath. Nothing else on it is as good as "Come To The Sabbat" by Black Widow though. The sappy love song "Tangerine" is nice too, something for the mums there.

I am tempted to seek out some more ringwraith stuff though don't really want to own Stairway To Havering.
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