It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

100:90s No.79: THE PIXIES - "Planet Of Sound"

No good indie kid ever forgets their first insult. It was the late 80s, I was at school, and N1ck Sm1th (local, well-bred, gangly, wanker) accused me of listening to "stupid weird noise shit". A pretty good summary: reader, I nearly burst with secret pride. What was I listening to: "Debaser", by The Pixies, the best single of the 1980s.

Except it wasn't a single until 1997, which I suppose makes it eligible for this list. But something wouldn't feel right about that, not to someone like me who loves the quaint old notion of the single as a perfect consumer package, a time capsule and time bomb both at once. Anyway, "Debaser" had it all but missed its true place in the sun. "Debaser" was enormous, more cool and glossy and modernist than anything that came out of American alt-rock in the decade it secretly gave birth to. And "Debaser" was also the giddiest, stupidest pop record I'd ever heard - the spanky bass opening, Joey Santiago's guitar fills reeling all over the place, Black Francis' hyperbolic geek-yelp, and the glorious noo wave "Dee-bay-sah!" harmonies behind. The whole package was a righteous rocket ride that managed to both rewrite my pop rulebook and frankly spoil me for loud guitar pop for the rest of my days.

Obviously though, the band didn't stop with "Debaser": a lot of people think they should have and a lot of people are wrong. "Planet Of Sound" is a stupid knockabout throwaway, Black Francis getting pie-eyed and growly about being a reluctant passenger on some sort of space taxi with the rest of the band doing their best impression of badass rock'n'roll greasers, all teenage caveman riffs and fuzzed-over slugbass. But the impression isn't exactly convincing - it's still the Pixies, still the same bizarro version of pop music despite all the punker posturing. They were never a band to inspire arm-slicing devotion and matt black lower-case websites, they never kept any kind of faith, they never did much you could call meaningful except make sci-fi/surf/Spanish/stooges music which burst with life and never closed its mind to anything. I wish they'd been more successful because they'd have worn it well, but I suppose their 'place in history' is assured. They were a band I loved like no other and I will not see their like again.

I'd forgotten the extent to which this entry just goes on about how great "Debaser" is. I'm surprised at myself calling it the best single of the 80s - a bit of deliberate hyperbole. It is good though - so's Planet Of Sound.

Listening to the Pixies again* there's a definite stiffness to them which I never used to notice, though they were always a hard band to dance to. By their last album this was pronounced - certainly "Planet Of Sound"'s jerkiness isn't "rock'n'roll". But it's a forgiveable stiffness - the Pixies were always a slightly blank, glassy, cold band and I never minded their not 'swinging' or whatever. In another article I wrote later for FT I zoomed in on this more, talked about how Frank Black only really sounded interested or happy when indulging his really fannish side.

The thing about spoiling me for guitar pop is still true - I will never adore another indie rock band the way I adored the Pixies.

*(which I haven't done for a while, they're one of those groups I know I'll be in the mood for every three or four years maybe, and I don't worry about rushing that cycle).

A sad addendum: the guy in the first paragraph - now googleproofed though it's a common name anyway - died a year or two ago, very young, in an accident. I remember being shocked and thinking, should I be upset, and then remembering that I didn't actually like him, though obviously I didn't wish him dead or anything. I'm a bit surprised to find that I'd called him a wank3r in public type though.

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