It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones


I've been trying to work out how to sum up what Poptimism is all about - something pithy that expresses the 'concept' of the club and could fit on a flyer and tempt people.

So what is the concept? Well from my point of view it's about playing great records with big hooks in a friendly, unhassled environment. The idea of being able to dance to and listen to all this fantastic pan-genre modern pop music without worrying too much about what you're wearing or what's fashionable or how old/uncool you are is an appealing one. I totally understand the "going out is about making an EFFORT" mentality but it doesn't ALWAYS have to be, it can just be about drinking and dancing to good music.

So the modern pop tip is one way to go BUT there's a kind of retro, quirky thing about P'ism too, which means that I always end up writing something like "40 years of great hooks" which just sounds tragic.

And of course the guest DJs can play whatever they like too.

Why is it that I can turn out snappy copy for crappy market research products and am tongue tied when it comes to something I love and believe in?

Anyway, do please come tonight, there's going to be so many good records, and lots of nice people.

(Actually the club name sums it up quite well I suppose!)

In other news, when Science eventually gets evicted I want the ILX thread to be called "Before And After Science".
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