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"This is THE HOTNESS...right here"

Or so the mysterious CD-R left in the Poptimism player read.

More details on that when I can bear to recount them. It sounds like a CD I might have made in an alternate universe where I made some horrid life decisions. (or was 10 years younger, take yr pick)

Poptimism was....good! Surprisingly good considering the turnout was on the low side. Though to give some perspective, the crowd we had would have been an average Chapel night. And people danced! People danced a LOT really, people had fun cos there was space on the dancefloor and the freedom to use it and look silly. Also I really liked playing some newer stuff that'll become staples when we move to Fridays.

So a huge thankyou to the people who turned up and I hope you didn't think it was a waste of time. I'm very grateful.

UPDATE UPDATE: Giveaway CD details here.
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