It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Uncharacteristically defensive, cross and perversely pleased with myself post

Back in April I did a 3-hour internal exam on my 'tactical people management' skills. This came at the end of a course on the subject. It was quite a good course as these things go. I just got my feedback from the exam back and I missed a pass-mark by 2%. My error seems to have been taking a 'strategic' as opposed to 'tactical' view, i.e. not spelling out and playing back every element of every answer. "Careful reading of the marking criteria would help give more tailored answers" sez the 'training consultant' who marked it.

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I learned that I wasn't getting marked by the people who'd actually given the course, though. My philosophy of exams is an arrogant but simple one: I am 32 years old i.e. an adult, and pretty clever. If I've been taught something it's a fair bet I understand it, and if I don't understand it I will ask at the time. So I should be allowed to skip the parrot fashion stuff. An exam is a piece of communication, and in any communication the point is to get through the bits the reader already knows so you can get to the bits they don't. So I missed a lot out because i) they already know it; ii) I also know it; iii) it falls into the semantic category known as "the bleedin obvious". In place of it I included polemic, soundbites and jokes. I also tried to actually answer the questions intelligently and challengingly. In summary: fuck you, rubric monkeys!

My trainer is a bit embarassed by my not passing and they will sweep it under the carpet after a 30-minute "follow-up interview" where I get to formally recant my heresies. My trainer is very nice so I'm embarrassed that she's embarrassed. But she did admit it was a stonking read.

(I will spare you actual excerpts from this document tho my fulminating against "change management" I think is particularly fine.)
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