It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

Good News / Bad News

(This was the greatest ever strip in Jackpot comic btw)

BAD NEWS! It's going to rain at Glastonbury apparently.
GOOD NEWS! The weather forecasters are notoriously unreliable this far ahead.
BAD NEWS! Even if it doesn't rain the music will be 90% rub.
GOOD NEWS! This is what tape players were invented for though!
BAD NEWS! Some of the dancin' comrades of '04 Glasto will not be in attendance.
GOOD NEWS! One who will be is atommickbrane who has her birthday on Friday huzzah!
BAD NEWS! There are still four days to go until that prime pub opportunity, in fact it is still Monday despite feeling like I've been at work three days already.
GOOD NEWS! That's four fruitful days of Episode 13 speculation.
BAD NEWS! I am reluctantly starting to believe that the big reveal will not in fact involve the Face of Boe.
GOOD NEWS! That frees him up for a major role in Season 2!
BAD NEWS! Which is probably 18 months away.
GOOD NEWS! I might have got a promotion by then.
BAD NEWS! Not if I keep spending all my time on the c0cking interweb.

To be continued....
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