It Is The Best Ones (freakytigger) wrote,
It Is The Best Ones

The Things People Say!

One of the quiz games I am putting together is "Respondent Call My Bluff". Two out of the following three statements are real ones made by respondents to qualitative market researchers. The third is false. Can you guess which is the fib!

1. "Bravo, bravo, for producing Vaseline Jelly. Which has no equal. Its colour, smell, taste, creates a heavenly atmosphere. When I wake up and find that I do not have my Vaseline Jelly, I will right away sell one of my kidneys to get just one pack of my Vaseline jelly.
It is a wonderful product for wonderful people!"

2. "Each time the questions are the same: “Why Lacoste?” And each time it’s the same answer: I take off my polo shirt and I ask the person who dares ask me this question to try it on. Then they understand what you feel when the soft weave of the fabric caresses your skin. That’s when you have to turn up the collar. Then comes the ultimate moment, when the man’s gaze meets the gaze of the man in the mirror."

3. "My BMW and my wife are the only things I would fight a man for. Generally I am not a dramatic individual but the feel of the seats, the smooth suspension, the purr of the engine as I accelerate, these are the things that make the blood race around my body."

More questions where that came from...
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